Ranking of Mediocre teams in the NBA.

There is a recent trend of mediocre teams in the NBA because many NBA all-stars are requesting trades to team up with better players on better teams like the Miami Heat. Because of this many teams are very mediocre and left with no all-stars on their team. Gone are the days in the NBA, where players like Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, played and stay on one team their whole NBA career. Also, bad teams only have young players that they recently drafted but in a couple of years for example John Wall. But those players eventually leave for better teams.
Ranking the most mediocre teams in the NBA.
1. Charlotte Bobcats- best player on the team? Boris Diaw probably. Currently is BJ Mullens. This is a pathetic looking team. In recent years, traded away their only good players Emeka Okafor and Gerald Wallace. Last couple years there best player was a old Stephen Jackson.
2. New Orleans Hornets- Traded Chris Paul. Only have Eric Gordon left who’s injured.
3. Phoenix Suns- Only have Steve Nash left. Not much to play for.
4. Milwaukee Bucks- Only have Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut.
5. Utah Jazz- Great start. But only have Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, Derrick Favors neither of which will make the all-star team. Devin Harris has follow off the map.
6. Sacramento Kings- Best player Demarcus Cousins, who has problems.
7. Washington Wizards- Worst team in the NBA. John Wall has declined.


~ by Travis on January 21, 2012.

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