Where are these NBA free agents going?

Found something really interesting on Yahoo Answers.
Lebron James ? I have no idea. But I’ll guess Cleveland for sure if they can win a championship in the next two years. Otherwise, the Knicks could be very interesting for Lebron. But only if Bosh or Wade go with him. Otherwise, I don’t see him leaving.

Chris Bosh ? I have no idea. But the Raptors are playing real bad right now. And its Canada. So I would say New York if Lebron or Wade is there. Or maybe Detroit, if Joe Dumars can convince him.

Dwayne Wade ? I have no idea. Mostly likely stays with the Heat. But playing with Lebron or Bosh in New York could interest Wade.

Amare Stoudmire- Stays with Suns. He might leave. But if the Suns are smart they’ll make sure he stays or else they’ll be a lottery team again. The Suns don’t have much on their roster. Steve Nash, Shaq, Grant Hill are all old. Amare is the Sun’s Franchise player.

Rudy Gay- Stays with Memphis. Bad teams usually don’t let their young stars go.

Tracy Mcgrady- Gone for sure if the Rockets can’t win a championship. Which they won’t in the next two years. Probably gets traded this summer. I was surprised by many of the answers online. That he might sign with Toronto. Why? Toronto definitely doesn’t want that guy back even if they lose Bosh.

Yao Ming- Stays with Houston for sure. Because he’s Chinese. Good for marketing.


~ by Travis on February 3, 2009.

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