Wade, Bosh, Amare who would Lebron rather play with on the Knicks?

Which one would Lebron rather play with D-Wade, CB4, or Stat?


~ by Travis on November 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Wade, Bosh, Amare who would Lebron rather play with on the Knicks?”

  1. (1) Wade

    (2) Amare
    (3) Bosh

    A large gap with Wade in the lead, a small gap between second and third.

  2. Hey, Dave thanks for the comment.

    I would have to disagree though. While Wade is the best player there I believe Lebron and a big (Bosh or Amare) would be better options because there bigs. Lebron and Wade play similar positons and shoot the ball a lot. Lebron needs a big (Bosh or Amare) to get the rebounds. In my opinion Lebron has a better chance winning a championship with bigs (Bosh or Amare) then he does with Wade. Though of course a team with (Lebron and Wade) could mean many championships as well.

    A additonal question. Are the Knicks the only team that can afford two superstars right now? Could the Pistons, Nets, Heat have enough salary cap in 2010 to get Lebron and another superstar?

  3. There’s a bunch of teams that have $25-37mil on the books for 2010/11. A couple of those have enough room to make two max contract offers, and the rest could easily get in position to do so by making a salary dump between now and then.

    Off the top of my head – Detroit, Toronto, Minnesota, Sacramento, Miami. A couple others like Phoenix/San Antonio could get there if they wished too.

    I think ESPN said that there where 15 teams with enough cap space to sign a max contract player in 2010. That number is going to change between now and then, but there will be a lot of competition.

    If New York was able to trade Eddy Curry and didn’t take on any contracts, they might be able to sign three max contract players. That would mean losing David Lee and Nate Robinson though. I think it’s an option worth considering, but I doubt they do it, I also doubt they give it serious consideration if any. Moving Jeffries would give some additional wiggle room.

  4. Hello Fellow NBA’ers their are several reports stating that bosh,wade and james will be playing together in miami, secondly the only other place bosh is looking for is LA, for a trade of bynum,or odom!
    I have a counter question to this entire thing, who do u think james would benefiet with more? amare or bosh? amare stoudmaire called out bosh claiming he was double the player bosh is? do u agree?

  5. Brandan,
    Lebron James would benefit more playing with Chris Bosh. Amare Stoudemire doesn’t play any defense which is why fans hate him so much.

    But a Lebron and Amare combination in NY could work out really well. Mike D’Antoni’s run and gun system brings the best out of Amare.

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