Frédéric Weis come to the NBA.

Frederic Weis was recently traded to Houston by the Knicks. Please come and play in the NBA Frederic Weis! Does Frederic Weis have any game left? I mean he was on 2006 World Championship and 2007 EuroBasket rosters along with NBA players Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Ronny Turiaf, Mickael Pietrus, Yakhouba Diawara. If he is still on the French National team with so many NBA players then I’m guessing he still has some game left in him. He is afterall 7′2 and Mt. Mutombo is old and about to retire. The Rockets don’t have much of a backup center and could use another big man. Plus, I really think it would be good for his manhood. People must make fun of him everyday for being dunked on by Vince Carter. And being drafted by the Knicks over Ron Artest. Plus, Ron Artest is on his team now so Weis doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. Come to the NBA Weis!


~ by Travis on September 1, 2008.

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