Ban Foreigners from the NBA.

If the US basketball team didn’t win gold this year. The NBA can only blame themselves. The US team has a lot of NBA all-stars. All of the team are all-stars except Tayshaun Prince and Deron Williams. The Spainish basketball team had only one NBA all-star Pau Gasol. If its ten all-stars against one. How can the US lose? USA 118, Spain 107. The US won by only 11 points. The old Dream team won games by sometimes 30 points or more. Why has the US lost its superiority. Because the NBA lets foreigners in the NBA like Pau Gasol, Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzki, Manu Ginobili. Why pay these guys millions of dollars to play in the NBA? When their going to end up playing for their country and try to beat the US in the olympics. People blamed youth on the 04 olympics squad. What if the 2012 loses? Who do we blame now? If Pau Gasol, Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitizki, Manu Ginobili never played in the NBA. Then the US would win easily. But the NBA is a business and not a country that is about pride. Its about making money and not about country pride. If the US lost this year. Who would we blame? That Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Tracy Mcgrady didn’t participate. Because they care more about their NBA championship than the olympic gold. If the US wants to continue to win gold medals then they need to ban foreigners from the NBA. Or else the rest of the world will catch up to them. And like Spain might beat the US with only one NBA all star.

~ by Travis on August 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ban Foreigners from the NBA.”

  1. Let’s go back to sending the “kids” to the Olympics. This year’s Gold Medal means absolutely nothing. It was nothing but an infomercial for th NBA and helped them to open the next market; China.

  2. The NBA sucks with all these foreigners. Like 2011 didn’t even have an NBA champ because it was one foreigner all star beating three american all stars. Pathetic. Dirk should not be allowed to play along with JJ Barea. If they don’t play America’s new team the Heat win!!! And while they ban all the foreingners (except Steve Nash cause he only has a couple years left and he grew up close to Seatle) they should only allow teams to have 8 or 9 players on a roster so there aren’t so many crappy players in the NBA. I am glad they Banned Ming last year cause of his foot.

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