Spain National Basketball Team is Racist.

Spains National Basketball Team

Spains womens National Basketball Team

The Spanish Tennis Team back in April.

I know people should just take a joke and are a little bit sensitive to this stuff. But that Spain photo was definitely racist. Yeah people making those Chinese eyes. Chinese people are not Aliens. This is what a elementary kid does to bully asian kids. I don’t except this kind of stuff from professional athletes some of which are in the NBA. Hey if somebody went up and took a photo wearing stuff like this You would probably call that racist. What if the olympics was held somewhere in Africa and Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro painted their faces black like Al Jolson Would you call that racist? I know it was done as a harmless joke but its still racist. Whats pathetic about the whole thing is that the Spainish National Team didn’t even apologize. They just denied the whole thing and said it was all done in fun and people need to take a joke. And dumbass Jose Calderon says I know a lot of people with Chinese decent in Toronto. After seeing also that Spains Women National Basketball Team and Spains Tennis Team taking pictures like that I have to conclude that Spain is a racist country. What’s your opinion? Feel free to comment.


~ by Travis on August 15, 2008.

7 Responses to “Spain National Basketball Team is Racist.”

  1. Yeah, there shouldn’t be any question of complicity nor where to place the blame if both the men’s and women’s national basketball teams trot out that photo.

    What’s more troubling is the tennis team’s extension of the “joke.”

    And I agree that Calderon’s “apology” was incredibly weak and was most likely spurned by his publicist or agent. “Gotta be PC, as always!”

  2. Pretty racist of yourself to conclude that Spain is a racist country, huh?

  3. Mikey, just because I conclude that Spain is a racist country doesn’t make me a racist. I only concluded that because Spains Men’s basketball team, Women’s basketball team, and Tennis Team all held out their eyes like that above. So what do you call that Mikey all in good fun? A joke? Comment back I wanna hear your response.

  4. Kinda feel weird commenting because I was asked to respond (due to my own blogging about this at but I really don’t think it’s ‘racist’ per se. It’s childish/immature/insensitive/lacking in savvy, but not racist. It’s not derogatory, exactly. I am Chinese and my eyes are ittybittyslanted models. I’m well aware of that and people making the face doesn’t bother me if they meant nothing by it, and I certainly don’t think they meant anything by it. It was just a bit of a silly fun thing for them to do.

    The thing about racism (and I say this as an occasional recipient and frequent practitioner) is that the person who is being ‘subjected’ to that racism is fully qualified to make the judgment of the situation. If someone calls me a ‘chink’, it can be done in a funny way (really, I’m not kidding) and not offensive to me in the slightest. It certainly helps that ‘chink’ it and of itself means nothing but “Chinese person” with the subtext that someone is trying to be an asshole to me, usually. Of course when someone says it and IS trying to be an asshole to me, I translate ‘chink!’ as ‘Can you kick my ass?”

    And I don’t feel like the Gasols, or Jose was really picking a fight with me in that photo. I won’t comment on the tennis photo that I knew nothing about until this second.

    We have to remember that racism is a heuristic, as exhibited by “Travis Outlaw” in the previous post. He’s a godawful freethrow shooter, but he inadvertently (I think) brings up a good point: He is assigning a ‘racist’ attribution, probably somewhat jokingly, to the whole nation of Spain and their denizens because a large number of high profile ambassadors for their country exhibit some definitely arguable racist behaviour. And if you see 30 Spanish people in your life, and they’re all running around making chink eyes at people, then that’s a very fair and logical conclusion to come to. That’s not racism, that’s common sense. I’m not bigoted against rattlesnakes simply because I believe all rattling snakes are poisonous: I’m just not fucking retarded enough to treat each rattler like a beautiful and delicate flower that needs to prove to me individually that it is fucking poisonous.

    I know that’s a bit of a tangent, but I believe it’s important to understand that ‘racism’, as I understand it and it seems to be understood in North American multiracial culture is really describing an extreme deviation of a very important logical mechanism of jumping to fair conclusions. Where someone jumps from logical –> racist seems to be described as when someone does so in a suspicious (ie. self-serving) manner, or does so with inadequate evidence to systematically assign an adjective to a group of people. Where that line lies is a bit blurry though. But even squinting, the image of the Spanish basketball teams is clear as day to me: they’re just childishly and tastelessly having a bit of a laugh at a relatively odd characteristic exhibited by my people. Big whoop. I was fascinated the first time I felt an afro. They expressed their curiousity in a decidedly more public and childish way, with some assistance from a photographer. They’re adults and responsible for their own actions, but seriously, if the photographer was a visible minority, I am absolutely cool with the Spanish players overriding their racism-alarm and assuming the non-white dude probably knew better than them what was offensive. Seriously.

    Sorry for the long post. I just have a lot of opinions about racism. And hey, you saw my long blog posts. You asked for it.

  5. eshum777 This is my blog. Thank you for the comment. And feel free to write long comments. I love them. Sorry for the link dump. I only did it because all I wanted to say was already on this post.

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  7. you’re not racist, you’re dumb

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