Oklahoma City Dunkadelics

Oklahoma City will have to rename their new NBA franchise. It will be the first time since 1978 that a NBA team that moved had to change their name. The Buffalo Braves became the San Diego Clippers and later the Los Angeles Clippers in 1984. They should be named the Oklahoma City Dunkadelics. The Dunkadelics is cool, hip, and marketable. There is no NBA team with a “Dunk” name. The Sonic-Boom in Seattle is now a Dunkadelic-Boom in Oklahoma City. Go, Oklahoma City Dunkdelics

The jersey could’ve been the black and gold with the abbreviation of Dunks or Dunka. The Sonic-Boom in Seattle is now a Dunkadelic Boom in Oklahoma City.

-I’ve been hearing this name on the internet a lot. And I absolutely support it. The Oklahoma city Dunkadelics is a beautiful name. That reminds people of the dunk. The games most exciting play. Also with the Dunkadelics as the name the franchise can easily get supported by Dunkin’ Donuts. And maybe have a donut and a cup of coffee as its mascot. Which creates the dunk. Afterall, the only time I dunk is with my donuts.


~ by Travis on August 11, 2008.

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