The LSU basketball program.

LSU has a history of recuiting tall, skinny, athletic NBA busts.

Stromile Swift

Tyrus Thomas

Anthony Randolph


LSU has a history of recruiting fat championship winning big men.


Glen Davis


~ by Travis on July 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “The LSU basketball program.”

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  2. Randolph isnt a bust, hes a fricking rookie, give the guy some time.

    Tyrus isnt a bust either, hes actually having a pretty good year with the bulls.

  3. Swift is a bust, but you can’t make that case for Tyrus yet and certainly not Randolph who’s been effective this year when he’s played. As for Shaq, don’t know where that comes from. What about Petit and the Pistol?


  4. Jeff and Chris. Thanks for the comments but learn how to take a joke. I wasn’t trying to be serious.

    Swift is a bust. Thomas being the 4th pick in the 2006 NBA draft is considered by many as a bust and getting traded for Aldridge especially hurts him. Randolph is decent and could be a star in the league.

    And wasn’t Pistol Pete Maravich a 6’5 point guard ? Who never won a championship in the NBA.

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