Josh Childress is a disgrace to all Americans.

Josh Childress is a digrace to all Americans. Just like any American that loves Europe more than America. If you love other places so much then get the hell out!!! We want true Americans living in America. Not guys that just want the glory and the money. The NBA should ban Josh Childress from ever coming back. I personally was saddened by Childresses decision because I was a big fan of him. But even if he succeeds in Europe nobdy is going to remember him because people remember NBA guys not people from the Euroleague. I believe he did it because of the glory of becoming the first one to do it as well as the money. But that is disgraceful to all the young boys in America that dream of becoming NBA basketball players. And the people that truly love the game of basketball and would like me play for free. This disgraces Josh Childresses Mayfair High School. Josh was one of the few to make it out of there. And he became an NBA player what every boy dreams about. Nobody gives a damn now if a former alumni went to play for Olympiakos Greece. Anybody, that supports Josh Childress is un-American. Any basketball player that follows Josh Childress to Europe is un-American. Anybody that was born in America and actually chooses to go play for another country (Chris Kaman) is un-American. You know why Americans have been losing in the olympics its because we have been kind enough to let Europeans and other foreigners into the NBA. And those spies learn from us take our American money and then go home and teach their own country how to beat us (Yao Ming). I would like to see a ban of foreign players in the NBA.


~ by Travis on July 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Josh Childress is a disgrace to all Americans.”

  1. Wow you’re so full of yourself it’s funny

  2. Mikey, are you American? Have you ever dreamed of playing in the NBA? Have you ever seen this film Go watch the trailer. You ought of think like me if you are a true American.

  3. What the hell is this blog, he wanted to go play outside USA, let him be, everyone has the right to move ,and as iam half greek, a fan of Olympiakos and living in Athens i know that he is happy here.
    Dude, that comment u made too harsh on him, i mean there were even rumours that kobye bryant will go to europe when his contract ends in january i think- so it not just childress.

  4. your arrogant viewpoint is thankfully not representative of the entire population of our great nation. since u believe europe should not take our players, than the opposite should be true. the only players in all sports than should be exclusively american. so half of the players of major league baseball should be banned from playing along with yao ming, genoble and among older greats like hakeem olejewan (cant spell his name.) or how about one better we just isolate ourselves from the rest of the world while they all laugh at our moronic, clearly american ego-centric ways.

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