The Seattle and Oklahoma City championship counting mess.

Check out this article recently on ESPN. Concerning the whole championship counting mess of Seattle and Oklahoma City. Most teams in the NBA when their franchise moved and if that team won a championship then the new team still counted that championship as their own. For example, the Lakers count their championships from Minnesota which is how they have 14 championship total. While the Minnesota Timberwolves do not count the Minnesota Lakers championships as their own. The Golden State Warriors count their championships from their days in Philadelphia while the Sixers count their championships that they won and not from the Golden State days.  So it’s really only right that the new Oklahoma City team does count Seattle’s own championship as their own. But of course the city of Seattle will be mad if they do this. Seattle as well requested their name and logo to be kept in case they do get a team to move there or get an expansion team. Seattle if it gets a team will want to count its own championship as their own. A similar situation happened in the NFL when the Cleveland Browns moved and became the Ravens. The Cleveland Browns later got back an expansion team and counted their own championships from the past while the Ravens count the ones they won in Baltimore only. Which leads us to this mess with Oklahoma City and Seattle. Oklahoma City has every right to claim that one championship as their own because of the history in the NBA (Lakers, Kings, Warriors) all did this. But after 41 years of the Seattle Supersonics you can’t just take away their only championship. So, I believe Seattle if it ever gets a team deserves to keep that championship as their own and count it as their own. And Oklahoma City should just start off new like the Ravens. Because this isn’t like back then where the NBA franchises were just starting out and nobody cared if a team moved. The Seattle Sonics had 41 years of history they were not like the (grizzles, hornets) that moved recently. As, for retired jerseys I believe that the retired jerseys should stay with Seattle. And if Gary Payton or Shawn Kemp ever retired their jerseys they should wait and retire it at Seattle and not Oklahoma City. When Seattle gets a new team to move there or gets an expansion team in Key Arena then Gary and Kemp can come and retire their jerseys in Sonics green and yellow. But if Seattle nevers get a team again which seems likely then I believe its only right that Gary and Kemp do go to Oklahoma City and retire their jerseys there. But it must be in Seattle colors green and yellow and not in Oklahoma city colors. What do you think? Please feel free to comment.


~ by Travis on July 14, 2008.

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