2008 NBA Draft steals

Two steals of the 2008 NBA draft are Mario Chalmers and Chris Douglas Roberts. These guys are so popular right now. Everywhere you go you hear how amazing Mario Chalmers is how he’s dominating summer league and how he is going to become the starting point of the Miami Heat next season. You hear how amazing CDR is dominating summer league how the Chicago Bulls and many other teams were stupid to pass up on him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two guys in the second round who are so popular right now even more popular than the first round draft picks taken before them. They of course deserve all the popularity their both getting both leading their teams to the NCAA national title game. How could so many NBA general managers on draft night actually pass up on these guys? Anybody who selected these guys would have been praised so much. If an NBA general manager selected both he would get an A+ in every mock draft. The NBA general managers would be praised so much that they would probably get a raise. These guys are so popular. Will they be steals? Probably but like most second round draft picks they probably will be just average players at best.


~ by Travis on July 13, 2008.

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