The 1996 NBA draft Redo.

NBA Draft 1996 Actual Picks.

1.Sixers-Allen Iverson
2.Toronto Raptors-Marcus Camby
3.Vancouver Grizzlies-Shareef Abdur-Rahim
4.Milwaukee Bucks-Stephon Marbury
5.Minnesota T’Wolves-Ray Allen
6.Boston Celtics-Antoine Walker
7.LAC- Lorenzen Wright
8.New Jersey Nets-Kerry Kittles
9.Dallas Mavericks-Samaki Walker
10.Indiana Pacers-Eric Dampier
11.GS Warriors- Todd Fuller
12.Cleveland Cavaliers- Vitaly Potapenko
13.Charlotte Hornets-Kobe Bryant

1996 NBA draft redo.

1.Sixers- Kobe Bryant
2.Toronto Raptors- Allen Iverson
3.Vancouver Grizzlies-Steve Nash
4.Milwaukee Bucks-Ray Allen
5.Minnesota T’Wolves-Jermaine O’Neal
6.Boston Celtics-Stephon Marbury
7.LAC-Peja Stojakovic
8.New Jersey Nets-Marcus Camby
9.Dallas Mavericks-Antoine Walker
10.Indiana Pacers-Zydrunas Ilgauskas
11.GS Warriors- Shareef Abdur Rahim
12. Cleveland Cavaliers-Ben Wallace (Went undrafted in the 1996 NBA draft)

13. Charlotte Hornets- Derek Fisher

Note: In the 1997 Draft the Sixers almost won the lottery and would have drafted Tim Duncan. Imagine how many championships Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant would have won? The Lakers Dynasty of Shaq and Kobe would have never happened with Kobe Bryant in Philadelphia. Instead the Sixers got the second pick which turned out to be Keith Van Horn.


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