How Darius Miles can screw the Blazers

Darius Miles: Now Phoenix wants in on the Darius Miles action? Perhaps Danny Ainge and Steve Kerr are just crossing the Ts and dotting the Is, but it’s absolutely fantasy to believe Miles will be able to help an NBA team. Independent doctors have proclaimed Miles’ knee he had microfracture on a certifiable mess; if he came back to play again in the NBA – and be productive – that would be nothing short of a medical marvel, something for the trade journals.

It’s interesting to see Blazer fans react to each news of someone looking at Miles because of the potentially large salary cap ramifications for the team. If Miles plays in 10 games in any single season, his salary goes back on the cap and would cost the team serious luxury tax money. However, the chances of that are slim. Even if a team does sign him, how would Miles get through a training camp and then play in 10 games? And why would a team sign him, someone who continually did not live up to his perceived potential, as opposed to a healthy undrafted rookie who is filled with the fire to do whatever it takes to make the league?

And no GM is going to sign Miles and get their coach play him in blowouts just so they can potentially mess with the Blazers cap situation. Not only would that be unethical (truly not a crime or a violation, just rude), but it would also be a waste of time. GMs and coaches are concerned with winning games and getting to the playoffs, not with petty attempts to mess with someone else’s finances. This is quite different than signing a player after they clear waivers (or before); this is a player deemed medically unfit to continue his career.

If Miles proves the entire world wrong and comes back to not only make a team but be a contributor, this writer will be the first one to stand up and clap, but the odds are stacked against him quite unfavorably.


~ by Travis on July 10, 2008.

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