Brandon Jennings.

Theres something wrong with America if people treat a high school basketball player like he’s god. Brandon Jennings is 18 years old and just graduated from high school. Yet people follow him like he’s a movie star. It’s just basketball he’s playing after all. So many articles have been written about him so many comments posted about him. Everybody is worried if he’s going to Arizona or going to Europe. Everybody is worried about his SAT score. Wow, these people are idiots. What do you think normal teenagers feel when they hear about Brandon Jennings? This is why I’m quiting watching the NBA because I don’t wanna be 40 years old one day and still obsessed with high school prospects guys 20 years younger than me. This is sad. Brandon Jennings I hope you succeed though so more players will follow you and become more stupid. And have your agents rip you off and spend your money like what happened to Kareem, and Pippen. No wonder many former basketball players want to come back to play because they spent all their money.

~ by Travis on July 9, 2008.

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