The Golden State Warriors should hire Avery Johnson.

Let’s face it with Baron Davis gone the Golden State Warriors are not going to make the playoffs. In fact they might just be the worst team in the NBA and surely will be the worst team in the Western Conference now with the T-Wolves loaded with Kevin Love and the Grizzlies loaded with OJ Mayo. Don Nelson doesn’t want to coach this team anymore and wants to retire. So he might as well do what he did in Dallas and hire Avery Johnson as his replacement again. Remember Avery Johnson is a great coach he just struggled in Dallas and should have gotten a job this year had the Bobcats not had fired Larry Brown so fast or the Bulls had not been so stupid to hire Vinny Del Negro who has never coached a game in his life. So, the Warriors should give Avery a chance because that just might be the best thing their going to get this year. The Warriors better hurry up and hire Avery because I’m pretty sure after this season some team is going to give him a big contract just like Rick Carlisle got after a year’s rest.


~ by Travis on July 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Golden State Warriors should hire Avery Johnson.”

  1. Where did you hear that Don Nelson does not want to coach anymore? I think you are completely wrong and now that they have Magette, Nelly can work his helter-skelter offense perfectly! And also, the Warriors are definitely not the worst team in the NBA!

  2. Don Nelson has like one year on his contract I think. Corey Maggette is a great player but he’s no Baron Davis. So I except Don Nelson to possibly retire because I don’t see this Golden State team making the playoffs in the Western Conference. And I think a perfect replacement for him would be Avery Johnson. Golden State might not be the worst team in the NBA next year but they’ll probably be in bottom five.

  3. Only time can tell…

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