The Oklahoma City Barons

Oklahoma City just picked their new name and jerseys. The colors are black and gold. It looks pretty nice almost Wake Forest like.

Created by Oscar Yea


~ by Travis on July 6, 2008.

37 Responses to “The Oklahoma City Barons”

  1. I love the design. It’s only a matter of time before the city falls in love with it’s young, talented team.

  2. Sweet uniforms.

    I expect to catch 10-15 games a year.

  3. i hope they suck and lose there fans we needed to build new team here anyways. i believe the city of seattle b-ball will re-rise soon under new owner “paul allen???”

  4. this is a hoax. BTW.

  5. yay oklahoma you’re just jealous seattle boy…

  6. If anyone gets a b-ball team its Kansas City and the new awesome Sprint Center, not Seattle. And being that Oklahoma and Oklahoma state are both in the Big 12 how could they possibly pick black and gold and not red for their colors? LAME!

  7. Dont listen to anyone dem uniforms are nice!! get a championship for oaklahoma city

  8. That is a good name and look. Very Western and macho.

  9. Late entry in the name race – Follow the money, it’s all about the money, it’s always about the money


  10. keep it “sleepless in seattle” sonics faithful

  11. Nice uniforms and name…everyone in the OKC should get ready for some great basketball. I’m looking forward to the OKC-New Orleans game in OKC…that will be a must-see matchup…the city can’t lose that night…

  12. Thanks to David Stern and his smugness Seattle no longer has a team. I predict that after the initial fan response the Oklahoma City fans will stop supporting this hijacked team and it will serve the NBA right!

  13. Seattle could not take care of its team. Boo hoo.

    We were great hosts to the Hornets so much they’d have loved to come back. As for red? OSU is orange and black, OU is crimson and cream. Get it straight please.

  14. I think that gold and black is wonderful, to draw the difference from OSU and OWho. Those two teams have their own following,a nd the NBA team should be different. No question about that. I just hope the fans don’t do like they did with the OKC Cavalry a few years back; support them for three or four years, and then, no support once the novelty wears off.

  15. I like the new uniforms but I still wish they would’ve chosen the Oklahoma City Dunkadelics. The jersey could’ve been the black and gold with the abbreviation of Dunks or Dunka. The Sonic-Boom in Seattle is now a Dunkadelic Boom in Oklahoma City.

  16. “Gay”

  17. I think it’s totally awesom the NBA is here. It’s a great to show the world that OKc can handle the huge responsibility of an NBA franchise. It’t great for the people and it will create more jobs. I love it, GO BARONS!!!!!11

  18. […] sources have said it’s the Barons, which fittingly stems from the French. Other outlets have heard the same, and have even created an OKC uniform for Kevin Durant. Someone just punched my pride in the […]

  19. Hi all, I didn’t know that. Oklahoma City Barons, it sounds good to me. The jersey looks pretty good… now they just got to win some games!

  20. those aren’t there jerseys…. that was something that was sent in to the Oklahoman NEWSPAPER… It was one graphic designers take on how he would design the jerseys. Nothing is official. Nothing!

  21. How about the OKC Swindlers? Seems more fitting.

  22. If this is true I like the uniforms. The colors fit the name, I am ready to buy when available.

  23. no money in it honey okc megavolts cashes in.

  24. I really like the 77’s (77 counties, Hwy 77…rolls off the tongue.

    Boomers, Oil Cans, Red Buds.



  27. DB when you said “How about the OKC Swindlers? Seems more fitting.”, I have to admit I got a kick out of it 😉

  28. Oklahoma City : Home to the parking meter and rich, greedy, fat, rednecks. Thanks for nothing. Oh, and enjoy the honeymoon while you can. In two years, you will be averaging 5,000 fans and coming back to the realization that your city is still obscure and god-awful.

  29. ———————————– WATCH IT OKC MEGAVOLTS>>> where Amusing happens…

  30. oklahoma city “thunder” is their new name why do yall always make fake websites

  31. If anyone got a basketball team it should have been Kansas City. Because they made that nice and brand new Sprint Center for a sports team and what better place to have a team then here in KC. We have hosted tons of events from the Big 12, and with Kansas winning the national championship this year, it really put Kansas back on the map. So if the NBA was smart they would have given the team to Kansas instead of Oklahoma City, because Kansas is more of a basketball town than Oklahoma, then the NBA would earn more in KC then they will in Oklahoma City. That’s my thought

  32. Number 1: This whole thing is fake.
    Number 2: People who don’t know anything about Oklahoma need to shut up and get educated.
    Number 3: Oklahoma and Kansas are both STATES, not towns.

  33. […] […]

  34. I still like my idea of calling them the “OKC Homeless”, giving jerseys to the people begging on street corners & calling them “mascots”. The slogan? “Go Homeless or go home!”
    Oh well, I guess just being a marketing genius isn’t enough to get things done in this town. :^(

  35. DGO, if they’re called the “Thunder” then why do all the Cox billboards have a “Barons countdown” on them?

  36. look at this

  37. The “The Oklahoma City Barons” name and uniforms were sweet. “Thunder” is gay and the logo is a PHX Suns rip off.


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