Ranking the white guys in the NBA.

Having no life. I decided to rank the white guys in the NBA. As you’ll see it shows that white guys suck at playing basketball. Please feel free to comment. Note : These are the current white guys in the NBA and not from the past, so no Larry Bird.  I did not include European or other white guys born out of the US. I did not include Steve Nash because he’s Canadian. I did not include Jason Kidd and Mike Bibby because they are mixed. I know this is pretty racist. Kevin Love and Joe Alexander are ranked lower, because they are rookies, and have yet to play an NBA game. ESPN True Hoop please put this on ESPN NBA website please.

  1. Chris Kaman
  2. Wally Szczerbiak
  3. Kirk Hinrich
  4. Mike Miller
  5. David Lee
  6. Brad Miller
  7. Mike Dunleavy jr.
  8. Brent Barry
  9. Jason Williams
  10. Luke Ridnour
  11. Raef Lafrentz
  12. Kevin Love
  13. Joe Alexander
  14. Kyle Korver
  15. Jason Kapono
  16. Matt Harpring
  17. Adam Morrison
  18. Luke Walton
  19. Spencer Hawes
  20. JJ Redick
  21. Brook Lopez
  22. Robin Lopez
  23. Troy Murphy
  24. Nick Collison
  25. Dan Dickau
  26. Scot Pollard
  27. Eric Piatkowski
  28. Joel Przybilla
  29. Matt Carroll
  30. Robert Swift
  31. Chris Mihm
  32. Travis Diener
  33. Michael Doleac
  34. Austin Croshere
  35. Jake Voskuhl
  36. Pat Garrity
  37. Chris Anderson
  38. Jason Smith
  39. Kris Humphries
  40. Chris Quinn
  41. Aaron Gray
  42. Ryan Anderson
  43. Steve Novak
  44. Casey Jacobsen
  45. Nick Fazekas
  46. Louis Amundson
  47. Josh McRoberts
  48. Mark Madsen
  49. Ryan Bowen
  50. Brian Cardinal
  51. Brian Scalabrine
  52. Paul Davis
  53. Shavlik Randolph
  54. Coby Karl
  55. Maarty Leunen

Kaman wins the title.

If Kevin Love, though only a rookie, if he plays well he might win the title in a few years.

Is Joe Alexander the next Larry Bird?

-Created by Oscar Yea

Thank you Celticsblog.com for linking this. But where are you Henry Abbott?


~ by Travis on July 5, 2008.

47 Responses to “Ranking the white guys in the NBA.”

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  3. ummmm…. Dirk Nowitzki

  4. Who cares if they are born outside US, they are still white.

  5. You’re only white if your ancestors hail from England … Every other “white” nationality (Italian, Irish, etc.) doesn’t count.

  6. I believe Michael Redd is white but I could be mistaken, and I did not see his name on the list. I would rank him right at the top, probably #2 behind Kaman. Sczerbiak should be a bit lower.

  7. your an idiot Chris Kaman is German

  8. Jason Williams has to be number one, if only for the memories of 1999/2000.

  9. Sorry,Chris Kaman only became a german this week.

  10. David Lee should be ahead of Wally Sczerbiak. And I say that as a white guy myself, so I know what I’m talking about.

  11. Fazekas should be top 10, remember is was just a Rookie and Dallas gave him the shaft. The Clips gave him a few minutes and he shined in almost every one of them. Run some stats on who is the most productive and efficient for Mins played and he will be top 5 in the White dept. Open it up to all Colors, Race, and birth countries, including the Germans and he is still proably top 20 there.

  12. This is a stupid list, but if you’re going to make it, the least you could do is title it properly. It should be titled “Ranking the American white guys in the NBA.” And this list isn’t racist. If it was “Ranking the black guys in MLB” then it’d be “racist.”

    Also, Joe Alexander was born in Taiwan and the Lopez boys are half Cuban. And you left out the 23rd pick of the draft Kosta Koufos, born in Ohio. Nice list, Jackass.

  13. You might enjoy Paul Shirley’s book.

    Also, Scott Pollard has to be higher. “Do drugs, kids.” And he’s an NBA champion now!

  14. […] the past so no Larry Bird. I did not include European or other white guys born o … Source: Ranking the white guys in the NBA. Who Would Be A Worse Mom? Paris or Lindsey? Vote Now And Get A Free iPhone. Luke Walton Used […]

  15. Kris Humphries is mix

  16. Where is Steve Nash? Isn’t he the best white player?

  17. they dont have nash or zydrunus illgalskus who are both way better then kaman

  18. and what about jayson kidd i think hes white??? these ppl are stupid

  19. […] there are 55 current caucasians occupying a roster spot in the league right now according to NBA Inside Stuff.  Now lets get something straight here; I’m talking about your home grown, biscuit and gravy […]

  20. Lopez twins?? They are latinos moron. Your list is not as racist as much as it is ignorant.

  21. Troy murphy should be in the top 5

  22. How bout Dirk?

  23. My list is White Americans not Europeans.

  24. Steve nash is from Canada. That is part of north america. He is as biscuit and gravy as any american just with an eh at the end. Also someone should sue the nba for discrimination. According to the equal opportunity act racial numbers should affect the community. So 80 Percent black does not represent any community. Whats the difference between this and a firefighter if they are good at there job it should not matter the skin color. No more equal opportunity, because it itself is racist.

  25. ummmmmmmmmmmm HEDO TURKOGLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Joe Alexander is rated way to high, the following are all better.
    Kyle Korver
    Jason Kapono
    Matt Harpring
    Luke Walton
    Spencer Hawes
    Brook Lopez
    Troy Murphy
    Nick Collison
    Dan Dickau
    Joel Przybilla
    Matt Carroll
    Michael Doleac
    Austin Croshere
    Chris Anderson
    Chris Quinn

  27. Could not agree more

  28. well this list is probably the worst list compiled ever. Dirk, Hedo, Calderon, Bargnani, just to name a few of the people that are better than anybody on your list. Plus Joe Alexander and Scot Pollard u have to be f-in joking.

  29. Take a better look at the Lopez brothers… I’ll bet their Cuban father was Afro-Cuban, judging from their hair. Don’t tell me that those guys are white…

  30. ummmm…… Steve Nash?

  31. Your heading says white people in the NBA. Are you talking about colour of the skin or nationality? It’s a topic that’s open to a lot of debate. There are a lot of quality white players born in the U.S. (See Hale of Famer to be Jason Kidd! Outside the U.S Steve Nash, Hedo Turkoglu, Manu Ginobli, Zydranus Ilgaskus and the just for the record for anyone who doesnt knowmuch about Australian Basketball players. THE SECOND HIGHEST SCORER IN OLYMPIC BASKETBALL HISTORY IS A WHITE GUY BY THE NAME OF ANDREW GAZE. The guy was kind of Mgoo. But the man could burn!!!!!! The highest scorer in Olympic History was Michael Jordan, Second Andrew Gaze. Trust me, he’s as white as you can get 🙂

  32. Whoever mentioned Jason Williams, good choice!!! Other white guys with skills (from outside the U.S) Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, and I think Toni Parker is black but he was born in France. As for the past!!!! John Stockton, Kevin McHale, Larry Bird, Luc Longley, Few Hall of famers in there.

    If you can only classify people from England as white does that mean Black people can only be classified as being from Africa? Geez welcome to the 21st century people!!!

  33. Steve Kerr , John Paxon. 2 more. Both of them have there fair share of jewelery

  34. Peda Stojakovic. I think thats how you spell it 🙂

  35. Theres nothing White about the LOPEZ bros. Especially their coarse ass hair. Quit freaking reaching.

  36. when you say white, you have to include steve nash
    white is white

    do you mean american?

  37. wally scerbiak is Polish, Lopez are Spanish, Steve Nash is Canadian, Heinrich is German .

    What the hell are you talking about?

  38. Starting Five:


    Steve Blake
    David Lee
    Brad Miller

    Actually a pretty good team.

  39. Great List. One small point though, if we only count US born white guys, we should only count US born black guys.
    A good project would be to see what % are US born white, US born black, Island black (parker, Duncan).. African born, and European born.

  40. what about jason kidd, steve nash, dirk, manu, pau and marc gasol,

  41. Dude, robin and brooke lopez arnt white, there mexican/hispanic

  42. brook lopez is mixed. and only an idiot would say because that’s “racist” you know blacks and asians have ZERO problem talking about racial things right? lol. jeez grow some white balls

  43. Chris Kamen really OMG he needs some also. And for the record Kris Humphries is mixed….

  44. heres why u wanna separate whites from blacks in the nba.. WORK ETHIC AND CONFIDENCE is the only seperation not ability. the white guys seem afraid when they get the ball, they dish it n play D or just hit the 3 plain and simple, white men dnt jump cause they dnt wrk on calf and thigh muscles and repetitive jumping to train them. they wanna flash biceps triceps and pectorals, there is your white versus black issue and why they are becoming an nba minority

  45. how can anyone not bring up “thunder Dan” Marjele wadda shame

  46. ppl name bird, pistol pete mchale, wadda bout tom chambers, mark eaton, to heck with current bench riders, lets discuss innovators, jerry west etc..

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