Why the NCAA basketball tournament sucks

1. UCLA still has a chance to win a championship. They were predicted for the past 2 years to win it all but always got whopped by the Florida Gators. So, even if they won this year it wouldn’t matter because they were never able to beat the Gators. So their championship really means nothing. Just put Joakim Noah on a team and they will lose again.

2. North Carolina and Kansas are still in the tournament as well. And like UCLA they are here every year but never win. Its boring to see these teams always here playing and losing. Tyler Hansbrough should be playing in the NBA not still playing college basketball that is why the tar heels are always winning because its not fair. These squads are filled with hyped up all-americans but never deliver their coaches should get fired.

3. The tournament is no longer exciting. There is no longer stars lighting it up like what Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick did. There is no dominating team like North Carolina lead by Sean May and Illinois lead by Deron Williams. There is no cindrella team like LSU lead by Tyrus Thomas and Glen Davis. All the teams now are boring and the big stars like OJ Mayo, Eric Gordon, Bill Walker, Mike Beasley all got eliminated in the first rounds because their teams suck.


~ by Travis on March 26, 2008.

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