Harry “Busy-Hands” Potter

Harry Potter reaches for the “Goblet of Fire.”

Ron Weasley is not pleased.


~ by Travis on February 5, 2008.

29 Responses to “Harry “Busy-Hands” Potter”

  1. wtf

  2. i’v wached the movie and harrys hand was on his lap

  3. i never knew that harry was gay

  4. omg i thought that it was rons hand at 1st. And then i thought it was his pocket. WTF!?

  5. you can see where this is edited. its black, so you have to look close. Plus, Harrys are is all demented looking.

  6. Harry Potter … likes wish to become gay ? I earn photograph Harry gay in Internet ! What else photograph again Harry naked photograph again ! Something photographs if the bad photograph but Harry photograph will naked of the can go to hell !!!

  7. esta certo que essa foto comprova muitas coisas, mais vai saber.o unico que sabe é ele

  8. I want harry potters hand down my pants and his mouth sucking on my cock

  9. No way. I’m a professional photo retouching worker, this is a bad fake.

  10. I don’t think, I know that this has been edited because I’ve seen all of the films many times and not once has that come up on my dvd.

  11. Thats not true i have the movie seen it a million times and harry’s hand is on his lap

  12. Hmmm… I’d like a hand down my pants, especially from harry potter… His cock in my v…. yeah well, you see?..

  13. o wow thats relly gay rite there

  14. There was a rat in his pants

  15. i love harry potter

  16. Bloody hell, Harry, why’d you have to show it to the world!

  17. Fukin Gay!! he already fuk a transexul!! and now this!!

  18. Looks photo shopped to me

  19. he isnt gay . he is a porn star. ron is GAY* juss thougt id put that out there(: spanks ya

  20. what he is doing?

  21. FAKE.

  22. its ron’s arm photoshoped onto harry’s look closly and you can tell

  23. there legs are touching to

  24. I dont care whether its fake i want his hand in my pants and his tongue to be on my six pack!! Mmmmmm im horny now im going to wank my 19cm cock

  25. In the words of Cartman: “Harry butt-fuck Potter.”

  26. you can see a bend in his arm where the photoshop was happening lolololol nice try though beyitch

  27. I wana saw harry’s ass fucked and kiss his penis

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