NBA’s biggest bust

Which player gets the least out of the most talent?

Kwame Brown, Lakers C…… 17%
Tim Thomas, Clippers F…… 10%
Eddy Curry, Knicks C…… 7%
Vince Carter, Nets G…… 6%
Darko Milicic, Grizzlies C/F…… 5%
Tracy McGrady, Rockets G…… 4%
Darius Miles, Trail Blazers SF…… 4%
Stromile Swift, Grizzlies C/F…… 3%
J.R. Smith, Nuggets SG…… 3%
Gerald Green, Timberwolves G/F…… 2%

Based on a survey of 242 NBA Players

FAST FACTS: Drafted No. 1 out of high school by the Wizards in 2001, Brown has averaged more than 10 points in a season only once (2003-04); this year he was averaging 4.8 points in 20 games through Sunday…. The 6’10” Thomas has played for six teams in 11 years, never averaging better than 5.0 rebounds a season…. Carter has averaged more than 20 points in nine straight seasons.


~ by Travis on January 19, 2008.

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