My Top 10 Movies of All-Time

These are my top 10 favorite movies of all time. These movies are very dear to my heart. And I recommend you to try to watch all of these movies in your lifetime. Because you won’t regret it. I also include scenes or trailers of the movie. Enjoy and please feel free to comment.

1. Psycho

Psycho is Alfred Hitchcock’s best movie. Psycho is about a murderer who owns a motel and kills people. The most exciting music score ever.

2. Dog Day Afternoon

My favorite Al Pacino movie. It is about a man that wants his 15 minutes of fame. He wants to talk and have people listen to him. So he decides to rob a bank.

3. Grease

Grease is the word. Grease is a wonderful movie musicial about a love story in highschool during the 50’s about a good girl following in love with the bad boy greaser. The songs are so good that it will make you want to watch the movie over and over again.

4. Back to the Future

Back to the Future is about a teenage boy who travels back in time. This movie is great. Its takes you on such an exciting adventure.

5. Sound of Music

Sound of Music is probably the best musicial ever made. It is so emotional and moving. Yet so beautiful and exciting at the same time. The songs are amazing. Edelweiss is my favorite song from the movie.

6. Roots

Roots is about a family of slaves. Roots isn’t really a movie but was a mini-series on tv. But I saw it on dvd. And Roots changed my life. It is so emotional and moving. It’s something every person should see. No matter what race you are. It is greatly done. And if Roots was a movie it would be one of the best movies ever made.

7. It’s a Wonderful Life

A Christmas classic. It’s a Wonderful Life is a wonderful film if your depressed because it will cheer you up everytime you watch it.  So emotional and moving. It makes you want to live again. That New Year’s eve Auld Lang Syne song at the end is so beautiful.

8. Rebel without a Cause

Rebel without a Cause is something every teenager today should watch. It’s about a confused 50’s American  teenager who has to save a girl that nobody loves and a social outcast that needs his help. This movie is for the depressed, lonely, confused teenager. RIP James Dean FOREVER YOUNG

9. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

A movie about two teenagers traveling back in time to do a history report that they must pass. They meet such Historical figures as Napoleon, Socrates, Abraham Lincoln, Joah of Arc, Genghis Khan and more. One of the funniest and best movies ever.  This movie is what every History teacher should show to their class.

10. Pulp Fiction

Pulp fiction is a very funny dark comedy and has one of the best dialogues in movie history. Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies ever made. Quentin Tarantino’s best movie.

Created by Oscar Yea

Check out the movie score to James Dean’s Giant.

~ by Travis on January 4, 2008.

One Response to “My Top 10 Movies of All-Time”

  1. These “Best of…” rosters intrigue me–tastes are so diverse. I think you’re the first person who’s included a musical on their list and certainly the first citation of “Bill & Ted”. I’m not at all a populist or fan of commercial movies. I like auteurs, geniuses who stubbornly insist their vision be predominant, even if that means a movie that is box office poison (like Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil”, for instance, definitely a Top Ten for me)…

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