2008 NBA Draft

Just by looking at the 4 candidates for the #1 pick it is hard to tell which one is better. Here’s what I would do if I was a nba general manger.

#1 OJ Mayo

Mayo is the most hyped player in the draft. He was the next Lebron James in high school. He is not that good but he is the most overhyped player in college right now. And just because of that I would choose him #1. OJ Mayo is a point guard but will probably become a 2 guard like wade became. You have to take him #1.

#2 Derrick Rose

Just look at this guy and you see a winner. You see a all-star player and the next legendary player. He just looks like the #1 pick. If I was a general manager I would choose him in an instant. But unfortunately just like greg oden last year being picked over kevin durant. oj mayo still has more hype but this rose is going to be better than mayo.

#4 Mike Beasley

Looking at Beasley he reminds you of Carmelo Anthony. And probably will be as good. This is a very interesting draft because its full of top point guards. And Mike Beasley is not a point guard he is taller. You wonder if he’ll be drafted #1 just because he is taller. But he has all the talent in the world. But I would never pick him before rose.

#4 Eric Gordon

Air Gordon he is very talented but just looking at the kids face he looks way overrated. Like one of those guys that’s body is more talented than his game. I would not pick Gordon #1 but he is still high on my list.

#5 Bill Walker

He won’t be the #1 pick. But people are stupid to think he won’t come out this year even though he is injured. He will come out and get draft in the lottery or at least high first round.


~ by Travis on December 8, 2007.

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