Kevin Durant and Yi Jianlian.

I can’t believe the Seattle Supersonics picked Jeff Green with the #5 pick over Yi Jianlian. The Supersonics had already drafted a huge super star in Kevin Durant. And had just traded Ray Allen to the Celtics for the #5 pick. I cannot believe with that pick they picked Jeff Green over Yi. Jeff Green’s ok and all. But can you imagine if they drafted Yi Jianlian with already Kevin Durant on the team. They would have had the most overhyped young team in the league. A little younger version of the Houston Rockets. A future one-two punch that would have dominated the league. Seattle seats would be sold out with so many asian people coming to see Yi and many to see Durant. They would have had every game shown on national tv espn and abc. They could have had the two best players in the 2007 Draft who is not named Oden. Instead they have Jeff Green who is very talented but plays the same position as Durant and is now coming off the bench instead of starting with Durant. Green’s a small foward and so is Durant which forces Durant to play a unnatural postion such as powerfoward or shooting guard. Not to mention that the Sonics could have also drafted Corey Brewer or Brendan Wright with the #5 pick.


~ by Travis on December 8, 2007.

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