Marcus Williams the next nba superstar

Everybody should keep their eyes on Marcus Williams right now stuck on the injured list with the nets. Everybody is saying how good Rajon Rondo is with the celtics and that williams is a bust. Marcus Williams fell down many spots to in the 2006 nba draft. With point guards like Rando and Foye being drafted over him. Well watch out for Williams he’s going to be better than Rando and Foye and possibly better than Deron and CP3 next year. Especially if Jason Kidd is finally traded away. Remember the name Williams because he will dominant the nba next year. And everybody will say he’s the best. He’s the one that that made that made the connecticut huskie team great in 2005.  And he will become the next nba superstar.


~ by Travis on December 7, 2007.

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