High School players should be allowed to play in the NBA

High school players should be allowed to be drafted directly out of high school to play in the NBA or be forced to play two years of college. Remember the high school kids that put their name into the NBA draft are not normal basketball players they are the best high school basketball players in America. You shouldn’t force a guy as talented as Kevin Durant to waste his time in college when he could have dominated the NBA by directing coming out of high school. This is why the age limit rule is stupid. Looking at NBA history high school all-americans that have directly come out of high school have produced more superstars than players that went to college for four years or less. Guys like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O’Neal all came out directly out of high school and became stars in the NBA. Though true, that it takes more time for high school kids to develop case in point Jermaine O’Neal. But remember these kids are 18 yrs old who just graduated from high school. Most 18 yrs old have never worked in their lives and now they are forced upon a stage where they are excepted to be a franchise player for a million dollar industry like the NBA. That is a lot of pressure for a kid. Though there have been a lot of high school busts over the years such as Darius Miles, Kwame Brown, Tyson Chandler, Eddy Curry. Most of the high school players have done fairely well for themselves case in point the 2005 NBA draft (the last high school allowed player draft). In the 2005 NBA draft a lot of high school kids came out. It was a weak high school draft many of the players did not seem ready to make the jump in the NBA. But the results were fairley good. Andrew Bynum the most talented one out of this draft has turned out to be a star. Martell Webster has become a solid player in the NBA as a great shooter.  Monta Ellis the steal out of the second round has become a huge star. And even the lesser high school players taken in the second round such as C.J. Miles, Andray Blatche, Amir Johnson though they haven’t contributed much to the NBA yet they still have found solid roles in the NBA and have gotten solid contracts. Case in point Amir Johnson who played in eleven games in two NBA seasons and still got a contract next year. Most NBA teams that draft high school players seem to understand that these young kids need time to develop and give them plenty of time. Though lets not forget theres Gerald Green who has become a bust. But the majority of the high school kids have done fairely well for themselves. Like a Monta Ellis. This is why the NBA should change the rule back to allow high school kids back in the NBA.

~ by Travis on November 10, 2007.

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