Expansion team or the Sonics?

Like Charles Barkley said the NBA doesn’t need more teams. With teams like the Clippers, Hawks, Warriors and more that haven’t made the playoffs for many years. Though the Clippers and Warriors have made the playoffs in recent years. If you were living in Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, San Jose, Kansas City or any place and you had a chance to choose between an expansion team, all new, or the current Sonics with Kevin Durant and Jeff Green, which would you choose? Actually, if I was a fan, I would rather have the Sonics. But if I was a general manager, I would rather have the expansion team. Just look at the Bobcats, it was fun watching them have an expansion draft. Draft Emeka, Felton and Sean May. Choosing their own team name and uniforms. Which would you choose?

or maybe

~ by Travis on September 5, 2007.

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