Renardo Sidney and the corruption of high school basketball recruiting

Renardo Sidney could be the next Greg Oden, just check out this article by Sports Illustrated. The possible first pick in the 2010 nba draft. But you see with the recent corrupt college basketball recruiting, people should see how the high school game is recruiting. Renardo Sidney went to three high schools in three years. His family moved from Mississippi to Artesia High School in Lakewood California and now to Fairfax in LA. Leaving Artesia because he was afraid the team will lose without James Harden, who went to college, and Malik Story transferred as well. How does a kid gain an education changing high schools every year? You can tell what he’s concentrating on and that’s not an education. It surprises me that high schools actually recruit like that. That a high school kid as young as sixteen yrs old, his whole family will move across the country just for him to play basketball. Plus, look at other basketball players like Davon Jefferson, a recruit from USC, he’s been in high school for like three years, when he should have graduated already. How did Bill Walker finish high school early and was allowed to go to college? OJ Mayo and Brandon Jennings keep changing high schools. The media should try to show the corruption of high school basketball recruiting, something they are not doing because the whole system is corrupt.


~ by Travis on September 4, 2007.

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