Fire Mitch Kupchak

Mitch Kupchak is a horrible general manger. I remember when he traded Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins to Washington for Kwame  Brown and Laron Profit. I knew Kwame would suck, but I still liked the deal. Because Kwame was a nice looking player. But the Lakers had no more point guard, after just trading away, Chucky. But Mitch, instead of signing a good point guard like Antonio Daniels, Derek Anderson, Earl Watson, Brevin Knight, Tyronn Lue, Jeff McInnis and Dan Dickau, he goes off and signs Smush Parker. A guy who was in the D-league for most of last year and had recently been with the Suns and Pistons for a couple of games. This is not a knock on Smush, but this guy was out of the league for like two years. Smush was a player you would sign for your summer league and later waive. Instead, Smush became the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. A job once held by Magic Johnson and Jerry West, two NBA legends. But Mitch was stupid, and he did not sign anybody to play point. And when he finally signs somebody, he signs Aaron Mckie, and calls him their point guard. Aaron never was a point guard. Well Aaron Mckie didn’t even play over ten games the two seasons he was here. And so Mitch, I believe should be fired. Mitch did get lucky, Smush was actually pretty good. And Mitch got lucky again, doing nothing and getting Derek Fisher back because his daughter needed medical attention. But luck always runs out, and hopefully Mitch does too.

~ by Travis on September 4, 2007.

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