Chinese people in the NBA.

The NBA has never had a basketball player that is Chinese and American. The NBA did have 4 people from China come, the most famous being Yao Ming. But its just not right, that all these Chinese people in America who love basketball so much, and not one has ever been in the NBA. What’s up with that? It’s not like Chinese-Americans are short anymore. Many Chinese men are 6ft tall and some even taller. It’s just sad how the NBA now is filled with only black people and Europeans and some from South America. Everytime a Chinese person comes to the NBA, everyone makes a huge deal out of it, like their treating Yi Jianlian right now. They get like a million all-star votes. And the camera is always on them and the team, just look at the bucks. And of course Yi and Yao get millions of dollars. They would be in a circus, if they were born just 20 yrs ago in communist China. On the street broke. And we all know they pay money to the Chinese government. And if you don’t well, you’ll end up like Wang Zhizhi, kicked out of your country. No disrespect to them. It’s just sad that no American-Chinese persons have ever been in the NBA.


~ by Travis on September 4, 2007.

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