Utah Jazz racist??? Deron Williams V. Chris Paul Debate

While watching the 2005 NBA draft, I was so surprised that the Utah Jazz selected Deron Williams over Chris Paul. How could they choose Deron Williams over Chris Paul? Everyone knew Chris Paul was going to be the next big star. And especially the likely candidate to win rookie of the year. Besides, Deron Williams did not even play point guard in college, Dee Brown did. Now the Jazz are going to replace John Stockton with this guy? After this, I concluded it’s because Utah is a white dominated state. They must of picked Deron Williams because he was whiter than Chris Paul. And I concluded that Utah must only like white people on their team. Just look at the whole roster of the Utah Jazz, their all white guys Okur, Kirilenko, Harpring and Giricek. And their are some black guys because well its the NBA. But have you noticed that the Jazz roster has light black guys like Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer and Jarron Collins. Even back then, the old Utah squads had a lot of white black people like Karl Malone and Bryon Russell. I do not mean to say the Utah Jazz are racist. But it’s just a thought. This is also not a knock on the Jazz or Deron Williams, because I’m a fan of the Jazz. But the jazz would be champions right now, if they choose Chris Paul and would have made the playoffs for sure in 05-06.

2005: Okur+Kirilenko+Harpring+Giricek+Ostertag+Humphries = 6
2004: Harpring+Giricek+Kirilenko+Borchardt+Humphries+Lopez+Handlogten = 7
2003: Kirilenko+Lopez+Ostertag+Harpring+Pavlovic+Giricek +Gugliotta+Handlogten = 8
2002: Harpring+Kirilenko+Stockton+Padgett+Ostertag = 5
2001: Stockton+Kirilenko+Padgett+Crotty+Ostertag+LaRue = 6
2000: Stockton+Ostertag+Crotty+Padgett = 4
1999: Stockton+Hornacek+Ostertag+Keefe+Padgett+Chilcutt = 6
1998: Hornacek+Stockton+Ostertag+Keefe+Fuller+Foster = 6
1997: Hornacek+Stockton+Keefe+Foster+Ostertag = 5

Over the past 10 years, the Jazz only once had a roster that didn’t contain double the league’s average of white people. At what point are we allowed to point fingers and say that this is intentional? After all, Salt Lake City is 93% white, and more than 70% of those whites are Mormon – a religion that has historically believed that black people did not choose sides between Jesus and Satan in the beginning of time (in 1978, the Mormon church decided to allow blacks to join, but they have never officially rescinded the claim that they are cursed).

Do you think there will ever come a time when Utah’s roster will include a demographic makeup that is more in line with the league average? In a situation as unique as a basketball roster, how big a sample size is needed before it’s no longer a coincidence? Is my 10 years enough, or must we go back further?


~ by Travis on September 4, 2007.

31 Responses to “Utah Jazz racist??? Deron Williams V. Chris Paul Debate”

  1. Hey this post is awesome!!! I always had this thought in the back of my mind. Of course thats why they choose Deron Williams over Chris Paul. Because what idiot would actually choose Chris Paul the rookie of the year for Deron Williams. The Jazz would definitely be world champions if they choose Chris Paul.

  2. Hey this is a great post I never thought of it this way. I always knew the Jazz made a mistake picking Deron Williams over Chris Paul!!!

  3. Chris Paul IS BETTER. Chris Paul EATS Deron Williams LUNCH EVERYTIME THEY MEET. HE PROVED WHAT HE IS WORTH IN THE REGULAR SEASON. REAL BASKETBALL MIND WILL ADMIT NOW THAT HE IS THE BETTER PLAYER. AS PROVEN BY HOW GOOD THE HORNETS ARE. AS A MATTER OF FACT THE JAZZ DO HAVE MORE White PEOPLE THAN black PEOPLE ON THEIR TEAM. No WONDER its UTAH. Half the roster today and back then is white. Plus half the white people are not even from America: Kyrylo Fesenko,Gordan Giricek, Matt Harpring, Andrei Kirilenko, Mehmet Okur America: John Stockton, Greg Ostertag, Jeff Hornacek, Greg Foster, Adam Keefe and more. Heck even the black people Deron Williams, Karl Malone, Bryon Russell, Howard Eisley, Shandon Anderson look white. Hey maybe there was a reason why DEREK FISHER did not want to play with the JAZZ!!!


  5. and fuck fisher too. he sucks ass. we lost because of him. plus he is too white

  6. Watch Chris Paul when he takes the hornets to the playoffs and gets all the attention again as the next great point guard while watch Deron Williams suck when the jazz gets eliminated in the playoffs again. Who was talking about Deron Williams in 05-06 Nobody!!! He sucked and just one year he’s the next great point guard what Deron Williams did was a fluke. who’s number #1 its CP3!!! Plus Chris Paul actually has to carry a team he’s the franchise player on a bad hornets team he has to lead his team every night and thats tough. Deron Williams has all-stars Carlos Boozer and Andrei Kirilenko what does Chris Paul have?? He played with JR Smith and now Tyson Chandler some talent there!!! And look how great Tyson Chandler looks instantly when he plays with Chris Paul its like the Nash effect. I bet Chris Paul could make Andrei Kirilenko look like an all star again if he was on the hornets. CP3 also is even helping rebuilding New Orleans CP3 plays between 2 cities what a great player!!!

  7. Please tell me this is a joke? Keith Mcleod, Raja Bell, Kirk Snyder are all players that were on the Jazz roster in 2005 that this article forgets to mention. And are you really that surprised that the Jazz selected Williams over Paul? Do you watch basketball? Did you happen to see any of the playoffs last year? Ill admit that CP3 was better his rookie year, but there is no way that you can say that CP3 is better now. The Jazz made the right pick.
    And as far as Mormons “not letting blacks joing til 1978” you really need to get your facts straight. “There have been black Mormons since 1832, two years after the “Mormon Church” was founded.” http://www.angelfire.com/mo2/blackmormon/homepage.html

  8. When will some black man stop crying like little bitches when they believe an injustice has been done to them. Who care if the UTAH picked deron over cp3? i don’t! Deron has proven to be a great young point guard and has been playing great basketball this season so far. Maybe you are right! Who really knows what it’s going on on the mind of the Utah board, but that doesn’t mean that they are least racist than the owners of the chicago bulls or Cleveland cavalier. Basketball is a competitive sport and only the best get the ring at the end! Maybe, san antonio is ani-american then because they seem to like foreigners? Atlanta might be racist too cuz they like only black players! It is time for some people to level up a bit cuz hatred is everywhere in this world. White people hate others white and black on black crime is current. The only way for us, at all level to be free is to gain economical power and build up our communities. As long as we will be crying behind the white man, he will treat us like shiet and we will be saying shiet like your post.
    Wake up nigga!

    I am black by the way!

  9. Your post if full of ignorance and false information.
    You placed Kris Humphries on your list of white players…. too bad he isn’t white. Last time I checked his father, William, is a black man.
    To address your main point of this article, Deron Williams is just as good of a point guard as CP3 is. Last time I checked the USA National team asked Williams, not Paul, to play on it.
    Plus there is always the fact that the Jazz have traded for African American players who have simply refused to come play in Utah. What are the Jazz supposed to do about that? If you don’t think it also has an impact on obtaining free agents than you truly are crazy.

  10. You Guys all have downsyndrome. Seriously. Did your beloved Chris Paul even make the playoffs last year?? NOPE. Did Deron Williams step up when the Jazz needed him the most? yep. The only reason why D-Will wasnt rookie of the year was because Jerry Sloan Doesnt play rookies. Dipshits.

  11. Yea i think Utah is racist but they have to keep the white people population happy. Is there anything wrong with that?

  12. youre a fucking moron…D-Will is better than CP3…at least in the playoffs…oh wait, CPs never been, my mistake. Is this really your perspective? Jazz picking players because because theyre less black? For Gods sake please dont say you are a jazz fan. Cuz I dont wanna root for the same things as you do. through these last 2 decades ive heard your same claims regarding two franchises(Braves/Jazz) Notice anything similar…high winning percentages. Trust Me, thats what they REALLY care about.

  13. Hey JAZZFAN the Jazz suck now and the hornets with Chris Paul are third in the west.

  14. wow i’ve never laughed so hard in my life. let me just start by saying some people are so fucking dumb. there are black people on the jazz cj mills ronnie brewer jerron collions milsap. if your saying there’s players aren’t black just because they don’t were the pants to there knees and talk like idots then your dumber them I thought. and more to the point d will and chris paul will always be compared there both good players. however d will is better maybe chris paul needs a better team to make it to the playoffs. and please read up on your facts before opening your mouth d will did play in college after dee brown got hurt and d will got the chance to prove himself. botton line d will and the jazz will always be the better team win or lose…..

  15. Jazz made the right choice. D-Will fits perfect in the jazz’ offense. Chris Paul is a great player, but might struggle without the offensive freedom he enjoys in New Orleans. D-will however is as smart as he is athletic and is able to run a complex offense to perfection. Racism played no part in it. The Jazz picked a player to better suit their offense, and last years playoffs showed us that. Now if we could only get Dee Brown back (hart attack). Carlos Boozer M.V.P

  16. All of your racist nonsense aside, the Jazz picked the right guy. Not only are the Jazz an overall better team that has enjoyed more success since the 05 draft, Williams is 7-1 against Paul in head to head NBA matchups. Williams is smarter, bigger, and a better passer than Paul will ever be. Skin color has nothing to do with it. The Jazz have had and will continue to have more success with D-Will running the team than Chris Paul and the Hornets.

  17. I cannot believe I am actually partaking in reading this non-sense,,, you seem to be the racists for pointing out this coincidental fact that most of the JAZZ roster is what you deem white,, what is wrong with that,,, what if all of our players were hispanic???? just because they look “whiter” compared to other NBA teams, yes I do acknowledge the fact that most of the NBA is black,, but what the hell is your point, look I live in Utah, and what you say is completely untrue, I have more friends from mixed heritages, in fact I can honestly say I know very few people who are white and Mormon in the SLC, I am half and half myself,,, its just because when you watch the games you see white faces overpowering the crowd @ the ESA but this is because the monetary power of the Mormons in Utah, hence they get the good seats… lol

  18. keefe, foster, borchardt, lopez and padgett, all those guys were pretty lame. so i don’t think that management is purposely getting white guys to try to appeal to the fan base:) cuz trust me these guys ain’t that appealing. hornacek was an incredible shooter and any team would love to have him regardless of skin color.stockton is one of the fifty greatest players. then you look at half of the other white people on our team and they are either europeans (and plenty of teams are looking to europe for legitimate talent) or they were just big bodies (see ostertag). i would say don’t read into it too much. as far as the deron over paul decision, they are both excellent guards. the jazz management had a very tough time analyzing both guards and made a pick for a player they thought could best grow in our system. i highly doubt that the jazz would have won a championship with paul instead of deron. the whole article was a little absurd to be honest..but the real question is..how in the world is malone a ‘white’ black person?

  19. I Guess the L.A. Lakers are Racist too cause look at there list of crackers: (Pau Gasol, Luke Walton, Sasha Vujacic, Vladimir Radmanovic, Coby Karl, Chris Mihm, and Jordan Farmar… Damn what a bunch of racist bitch’s just like the fucking dumb fucks that actually believe this bull shit… And D Will is my main man. War the Jazz going all the way!!!

  20. Why do grown people spend so much time analizing and judging others? Does it make them feel better about themselves? Ugh please graduate your minds from high school.(yes, that was a judgement) The previous statements were directed to both sides, but as for my opinion, because I like stating it, I think Deron Williams was picked because he is a great player with the most potential. Chris Paul is one also, but not right for the Jazz. Simply put. 😉

  21. well than every other team is racist against white people. what are you guys fucking retarded? The Utah Jazz are not racist. And Josh, as for Chris Paul being better. First get your facts straight. He does not eat Deron Williams’s lunch. Statistically Deron Williams is far better when they play each other. And NO, the Jazz would not have a championship with Chris Paul. Chris Paul works really really well for the Hornets style of Offense. Deron Williams works really really well for the Jazz’s offense. They are two different players and two different styles of play. So to say one is better is just dumb. Watch them both at the end of close games. 9 out of 10 Deron Williams out performs him. He’s very clutch at the end of the game. And Karl Malone looks white? What the fuck is wrong with you? You’re probably one of those idiots who think that 911 was caused by George Bush. Jazz are Racist? No, you’re an idiot. By the way. How did the Hornets do in the playoffs last year? I don’t remember. I do remember Deron Williams and the jazz making it to the Western Conference Finals however.

  22. Since when is somebody named Lopez white?????

  23. For the poster who started this thread, Deron WAS the point guard at Illinois for 3 years. Dee did not run the point until after Deron left, so get your facts straight. Deron took the Illini all the way to the Nation Championship game while Chris Paul and Wake Forest made an early exit. That same year Deron and the Illini knocked Chris Paul and Wake Fordst out of the number one spot in the country when Deron and the Illini pummelled them. The Illini took over the number one spot in the country and stayed there for the rest of the year finishing 37-2. Wake Forest and Chris Paul went nowhere, and during the first round of the NCAA tournament, Chris Paul punched Julius Hodge in the nuts during the game! Deron and the Jazz had a long run in the playoffs last year. Where were Chris Paul and the Hornets? At Disneyland, I guess. Unttil Chris Paul takes any team deep into a playoffs season, which he has NEVER done, Deron is the better point guard.

  24. so youre saying williams is white?
    dumbass hes cleary not white but bi-racial


  26. This is by far the most fucking retarded, dumb, baseless, racist, most stupid, thing i have ever read. you sir are a moron. and everyone who posted a positive response to this blog is as retarded as the cluster fuck who wrote this trash. It has nothing to do with race. Deron Williams has owned cp3 the last 5 times they have played. youre all a bunch of dumbfucks!! ps, im black

  27. This is the dumbest thing I have ever read.

  28. I think this is way overboard!

  29. Wow, multiple commentors on this page are eating their words. Deron is now considered by the majority to be the best point guard in the NBA. Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley agreed on this just a few nights ago on Inside the NBA. YOU WANNA KNOW WHY THE JAZZ TOOK D-WILL OVER CP3…..When CP came to the jazz camp and had his interview with the our sports psychologist he made the guy wait for 5 minutes to start the interview while he took a cell phone call. The psychologist overheard the whole conversation of trivial importance and when CP was done with the call the psychologist stood up, shook his hand, and said “Ok, we’re done, thanks for coming out.” He told Kevin O’Connor not to take him in the draft. This guy spoke about this in a University of Utah Sports medicine class in ’09.

  30. The Jazz want the the best players and they don’t want inter city trash on there team. That is why the team is the way it is.

  31. Amazing how many racists came out of the woodwork to try to disprove your point. I have never seen so many typos in my life. The comment above me is especially poignant: “they don’t want inter city trash on there team”. Oh Lord. Its inner-city, jackass. Its “their” not “there”. Learn basic English before you start calling other people trash.

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